True Crime Tour NYC runs every FRI/SAT/SUN/TUE afternoon starting at 2pm. The tour lasts for approximately 3 hours.

The tour starts on the SW corner of Avenue C and E. 9th Street in Manhattan – in front of the fence that surrounds the community garden – please meet your tour guide there. The tour ends on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

So that each guest can have the best experience and clearly hear everything that the tour guide is saying, we limit the size of each tour group to 15 people. We truly want each guest to feel that they had a great experience!

We will be taking one short bus ride + one subway ride during the tour. You will need a MetroCard for the tour. Please purchase your MetroCard in advance at any MetroCard vending machine (found in all NYC subway stations) – or you may purchase one directly from the station agent if there is an agent on duty. Please note that we will first be taking the bus, not the subway. You cannot purchase a MetroCard aboard a bus – so visiting a subway station and purchasing your MetroCard prior to the start of the tour is essential.
We do not offer refunds – though if you contact us it might be possible to move your tour tickets to a later date – we will do our best to accommodate your move request. The tour runs rain or shine – please bring an umbrella if the day looks cloudy. 

Whatever you like – but please keep in mind that it’s often significantly cooler around 5pm when the tour ends than it is at the 2pm start.

While we never dwell on the gory or distressing aspects of the crimes, True Crime Tour NYC does contain graphic descriptions and details that some people may find upsetting. Parental guidance is suggested.

There are no public toilets along the route – however we are happy to stop the tour briefly if any guests need to dash into a restaurant or pub to use their toilet. There are no stops for food or drinks. For the benefit of all guests, please plan to eat something and use the toilet prior to starting the tour.